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Bennetts is a specialist insurance broker for motorcycles headquartered in Peterborough, with a contact center in Coventry, England, owned by Saga plc. On 17 February 2020, it was announced that The Ardonagh Group had agreed to purchase Bennetts from Saga for £26 million.

An angry customer called Anderson complained about Bennetts Insurance in a review posted by REVIEWS UK website: "They screwed up and left me riding an uninsured bike, which I thought was insured. Then to add insult to injury I had to pay £80 to correct their mistake. They would not let me talk to a supervisor or manager. Next year all 3 of my bikes will be insured with someone else."


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Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"En mi opinión pésima empresa ya k les falta llevar acabo sus propios valores no hay capacitación como tal los supervisores de servicio son muy cuadrados, no cumplen con lo k dice el contrato como tal. En general pesima experiencia Muy matado para lo k pagan"

chofer repartidor (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa que en esencia y reglamento se preocupa por su personal pero ya en la práctica no respeta su propio reglamento generando inestabilidad y conflictos laboralesPagan puntual y tienes contrato con la empresaPésimo ambiente laboral"

Operador Chofer (Former Employee) says

"La empresa es buena. Y todo lo malo es quien la dirige. Tienen una mala organización en las rutas los horarios no los cumplen entras alas 8 am te esperas a que te carguen y sales alas 9, 9:30 tienes que estar revisando tus facturas y revisar clientes y direcciones por que estan muy disparadas y si llego de buenas tu “jefe” pues te planta entre 15 a 30 facturas de polo a polo y quieren que sigas trabajando despues de las 6 pm cuando supuestamente tu horario es de 8 am a 6pm les falta organización y una buena logisticaNo te dan uniformes completosMala organización"

csa (Former Employee) says

"Bennetts was great in the training side of it but when on the floor your left on your own and not given all the answers for the questions you get asked by clients. I wish it could of ended bettergood paynot stable, not right hours, given hours without asking and will put it into contract and then lose said contact"

Sales/Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"i love the job but its not stable, and having a morgage i would love a full time stable jobnot enough hours"

Delivery Driver/Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"picking out car parts to deliver to multi garages driving and promoting the brand and building up relationships with staffs and customers. Bennetts lacks management and organised skills as at times where was given wrongs car parts due to miscommunication with the upper staffs. bennetts had flexible working hours, i learnt to manages my time keeping and be organised and to double check stocks.Flexibleunorganised"

Panel beater (Current Employee) says

"S**t estimates which are the worst ive seen but they act like they are perfectly normal.Unreasonable expectations from managers.They have a very high turnover of staff and its easy to see why.Should be a great place to work but management go out of their way to make sure it isnt.reasonable salarymanagement"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"pay is better than a lot of call centres but the team leaders and staff in general are rude, could have just been my experience but i wasnt very comfortable"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Provide very good amount of hours-great for full time during the summer tourist season Only provide a free kids meal for every shift. Shifts tended to be 12-15 hour days. Difficult managers and owner to work for. Chaotic environment"

bodyshop receptionist (Current Employee) says

"All about contacting and communicating with customers, have learned how to use part of sage and to do technicians pay, management are sometimes approachable and other times not interested in assisting other members of staff, co-workers all work well together, hardest part of the job is to get the management team and co-workers working together sometimes, most enjoyable part of the job is interacting with cutomers and doing there pros to the job at allnothing in return for the extras that is done"

Planeador de Compras (Former Employee) says

"Empresa familiar con falta de procesos definidos.clima laboralno cotizan al 100% ante el imss"

Operador de limpieza (Former Employee) says

"Mi evaluacion en cuanto a recursos humanos es buena solo que lo lleven a cabo en el lugar de trabajo ya es diferenteEl sueldo puede ser algo llevaderoLos supervisores hacen el trabajo pesado"

PARTS ADVISOR (Former Employee) says

"Did not feel part of the team as people had worked there a long time and did not fit in well with new comers. Advancement was not forth coming. Some managers were bullies to other staff."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Good job but poor wages but usually out on road aslong as busy otherwise sitting about doing nothing plus most of vans could do with being replaced asapDiscount on parts earlier finishPoor wages working through break's"

Cook/Waitress (Current Employee) says

"Really busy work place lovely regular clientele. work with a really good team they are really flexible with the hours as I have children. love working here."

Minion (Former Employee) says

"Generally nice people who try hard to look after staff and make it a 'fun' place to work. They'll look after you materially but ambitious people may be frustrated by the slow pace, hierarchical nature and lack of opportunities (both to make a contribution and to progress your career). It's nice and cozy and if that's your thing then it's probably a good place for you to be. Not convinced that the management are very dynamic, and I did not find the work challenging.Pays well, flexible approachWeak management, not hugely challenging"

Adam West says

"Very rude and unprofessional staff."

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